Friday, 14 September 2012

What can I say? I'm a monster...

It's 30.30 in Twickenham. Men and woman walk the streets in full bondage gear- I actually saw one on a lead! Fans strut past me in shoes with heals to rival Everest and there are coke can hair rollers as far as the eye can see. This can only mean one thing: Gaga is in town...
I'll admit, as a gal who usually dabbles in punk and metal, I had my reservations about going to a Gaga show. She has been my guilty pop pleasure for years, but somehow going along to her show felt rather like I was sealing the deal. Going public with my secret love affair.
 Regardless of what you think of her musically, this lady really knows how to deliver a show. The stage antics that unfold are beyond weird and wonderful. Gene Simmons: take note! 

The set is a medieval castle. She Arrives on a mechanical horse, emerges from between the legs of an inflatable pregnant woman, morphs into a motorbike, goes through a meat mincer and, (dressed like a hooker from outer space) a dancer performs a sexual act on her-
 she then murders him. 

My inner conflict goes out the window. This is as rock'n'roll as it gets. 
OK, so she goes for the shock factor but there is a genuine edge to her that other pop acts just don't have. This aside, Gaga is truly thankful to 'her little monsters' and she strikes the balance between having attitude and being appreciative in a way that's very endearing.
 It goes without saying that her costumes were ridiculous and genius in equal measure. I loved seeing her parade the stage in pieces that were indeed art forms themselves.
I was really impressed by her singing too. She was able to belt out songs whilst performing dance routines- barely standing still for the entire two hour show. Seeing her live showcases her vocal ability in a way that her recorded songs don't.

And so I put my paws up. I'm officially a little monster. 
Would I go again? Fuck yeah!

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