Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Comfort In Biscuits

I recently discovered Nikki McWilliams Design and I'm in love!
  The super talented Nikki McWilliams is a designer and maker, based in Dundee. Inspired by her lifelong love of tea and a biscuits, Nikki has created these delicious designs...
   Party Ring Cushions! £29.50
There's nothing quite like a party ring to bring back memories of
Birthdays past. I adore these cushions! The colours are so beautiful together. You can buy them as a set of three too-
Who could ever have just one party ring anyway?  
Tunnock bar £44.50 and Teacake cushions £29.50
How gorgeous are these beauties? Perfect for some more
childhood nostalgia.
The classics! Nice Biscuit and Malted Milk Cushions. Both £29.50
All cushions are hand screen-printed by Nikki.
Imagine how amazing a mixture of these cushions would look
stacked up on a sofa.
For a slightly smaller taste of Nikki's work, why not treat yourself to one of her biscuit brooches £6 each
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