Saturday, 24 May 2014

I'm the worlds worst blogger….

Hi Everyone! 

It's official, i'm the worlds worst blogger. 
Juggling jewellery making, updating the website, managing the social media and packing orders has totally dominated all my time recently (which is amazing!) but it's left very little time for blogging so I apologise for my lack of presence in this area.

Loads of exciting things have happened this year and Cheap Frills has definitely faced new and exciting challenges along the way. I'm far better at regularly updating my instagram and Facebook pages so if your not following me already, please pop by those platforms and say Hi. 

A few months ago, the super talented Gemma Correll posted this hilarious illustration on her instagram, based on the Cheap Frills Aphrodite Mood Ring
I was lucky enough to meet Gemma a while back now when we were both at the Mama San web launch. 
She's a lovely lady and a blooming pen-punn genius too!

Recently, i've started working in real silver and precious materials (how terribly grown up!). It's all very new to me and something i'm going to keep working on. Ive already introduced my first handmade silver item to the web shop these cute little Ice-cream stud earrings… 

I'm planning on getting the little Love letter earrings up online soon too. 

I was super excited when the fabulous Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter started following me over on twitter.
Louise has a huge influence in the world of fashion and accessories so it was pretty exciting that she had discovered Cheap Frills.
I've since become a sponsor on Sprinkle of Glitter and here are some lovely words Louise had to say about my shop… 

What a darl! 

There are exciting things on the horizon. I'm planning lots of new products, which i'll gradually be making/popping up onto the website. I'm toying with the idea of a Cheap Frills youtube channel. I'm a visual & hands-on person so I might find making/editing videos easier and more enjoyable than blog writing. I'd possibly be answering questions about me and my jewels, tutorials, speaking about other brands I love. Is this something you might like to see?

I'm off to walk doggies and drink wine with my girl pal Gemma from Rock'a'frilly now.
Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend everyone!

Georgia x

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