Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Life Lately...

I accidentally deleted the last blog post 'making silver jewellery' (duhhhhh!!!!) So thought i'd do a little life update post including more info on the silver jewels.

In march, Gemma and I went to Hastings to Two Snakes Tattoo. I'd wanted to get tattooed by Cassandra Frances for a while, so I was pleased to hear that she'd moved to a studio closer by. 

The studio is new this year (owned by the lovely Alexis Camburn). It's a pristine, bright airy space with punchy art work on the walls. Not a stuffed animal in sight which makes a nice change. 
Gemma had a beautiful compass tattoo on her lower arm, is't it beaut?! 
I got this shell pendant design on my leg. Love how the chain creeps round onto my shin.
Despite the fact that Hastings is under an hours drive away from Brighton, we decided to make a little trip out of it, have a few drinks and stay at the Bannatyne hotel
It's a beautiful country estate hotel and I so wanted to steal the eye bar stools!

A couple of weeks later, we headed back to Five Magics Tattoo in Sheffield with our friend Matty for another little tattoo trip.
Kelly Smith did my foot tattoo  back in October. We had such a laugh, were really pleased with our tattoos, so decided to pay another visit. 
I got this Horseshoe on the back of my lower leg/ankle.

In the evening we headed to the Harley for drinks and burgers.
It was perfect because we managed to get meat, Veggie and Vegan meals for the three of us!  
The food tasted sooooo good- The 'children of the korn' on the cob blew my head off! I do like spicy foods but that was insanely hot.... That'll teach me for scoffing down five huge bites, only to feel my mouth catch fire moments later. 
After The Harley, we went back to Revolution De Cuba for cocktails. 
The rest is a blur. 

One of my aims this year is to work on making more silver jewellery and further my skills in this area. The process can be quite involved, so finding the time to do it (alongside running Cheap Frills) has been pretty tricky. I'm constantly getting ideas and inspiration though for things i'd like to make, frantically jotting them down in my notebook. 
I'm totally obsessed with the warm citrine and amber gemstones. 
I recently discovered Sunstone (swooooon!) and made some rings using silver wire and bezel cup settings. 
I've fallen pretty hard for grey and peach moonstone too!

Recently, it's been a harder task to find the time to make jewellery, than actually doing it. If I don't specifically make time to do things these days, they can easily get pushed aside. 
But, i've come up with a plan! I'm going to be working alongside an established jeweller near where I live in Sussex in her amazing studio. We have scheduled in a few hours a week, so i'll be making some of my designs.  I can't wait to get started!
These sterling silver Labradorite & Peach Moonstone rings I made, are available to buy online now. 

 I had a sudden realisation that our wedding in October is going to come around very quickly!
In April, Ant and I went to our wedding venue to meet up with our photographer Emma Moore. I used to work with Emma a few years ago when we were both studio Photographers. She's the loveliest lady and I'm so honoured that she's going to be capturing our day. 

There's still so much to get done. I've made a huge to do list and my task for May is to get cracking. 
It's been a great past few months. Life feels a little crazy right now, running Cheap Frills, planning our wedding and we are in the process of buying our first home! 
But it's all super exciting. If anyones got any tips for time management and diary planning, let me know (I need all the organisation skills I can get right now).

Georgia x

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