Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

2016. You were a bit of a fucker really weren't you?

Incredibly depressing in the political climate and there were so many deaths, I'm genuinely struggling to remember who's dead and who's alive.
All that doom and gloom aside, 2016 was the year that our son Sid arrived, so luckily for Ant and I, we can always remember it fondly. Here's to hopes of a brighter, kinder future world for him to grow up in.

I also feel so thankful for everyones support this past year. It's been incredibly difficult at times, juggling a new baby and a business. Having to work to Sid's sleep schedule often means working very early mornings and late into the night. It's also made trips to the post office slightly less frequent and i'm so grateful for the kindness and understanding everyone's shown me. Somehow, I've muddled on through (often by the skin of my teeth!) but I'm still here. 

There are some big changes happening in 2017. I've got so many exciting ideas for Cheap Frills, we have a few adventures planned as a family of three, and Sid will be starting nursery two days a week. I'm already battling the epic mum guilt (oh the mum guilt... They don't tell you about THAT before you have children!). We have chosen the most amazing one for him and I truly believe a little more routine will be great for all of us. If anyone has any advice or words of encouragement, please send them my way! 

Happy 2017 everyone!


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