Wednesday, 18 January 2017


New Year adventures! We brightened up our January with a little mini break to Vienna.
This is my third trip to Vienna. Ants Nan lives there, and he has jetted back and forth all his life. She is truly an incredible woman, and it meant the world to us for her to have met Sid. 
We stayed at the Hilton on the Danube river. Stunning location and the staff were very helpful. They made a fuss of Sid and gave him a little duck for his bath. The room was huge too! 
It was BITTER in the city. The sort of cold that feels so sharp, it cuts right through you. Minus 5 to be exact. On the second day we woke up to snow! It was beautiful and even had the good grace to stop in time for our flight home. 

Sid is quite the jet setter already! He's been to Barcelona (at 3 months old) and now this stunning city too! 

Til next time Vienna! 

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